Amber Skrent Racing for RA & Lupus Cures

Amber Skrent Racing for RA & Lupus Cures

Ten years ago, when she turned forty years old, Amber Skrent was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis which she remedied with a variety of medications to help ease her pain and symptoms. Then, in April of last year, she was officially diagnosed with medication-induced lupus as well. Currently her RA and lupus are still active, but she manages to control them both with various medications.

As a self-described physical activity lover, Amber participated in a wide variety of sports and forms of exercise ever since she was in kindergarten. Whether it was dancing or baseball as a child, she was always involved, and still continues to be active well into her adult life.

“I am very driven and competitive,” Amber said playfully, “but mostly just with myself because I always try to be the best at anything I attempt. This carries over to my work life where I am the Clinical Manager, and registered nurse, of a Hemodialysis Unit where I take care of patients with kidney failure.”

Because physical activity is so important to Amber, she began running regularly about three years ago as part of a fitness class regimen – and she hasn’t stopped since. She has completed seven half marathons and one full marathon, including the Goofy Race at Disney which is a half marathon one day and a full marathon the next! Amber competed in the Rock and Roll Half Marathon, which took place in Nashville this past January and if she wasn’t busy enough, her most recent race was another half marathon she trained for extensively, which also took place in Nashville in April.

Though training with physically debilitating diseases is strenuous, Amber maintains a strict training schedule because she believes physical activity is crucial and has a positive effect on her diseases. In fact, she even considers it to be another aspect to her treatment. Whenever she runs she tells herself, “this is my cure”, over and over again.

“Training with RA and lupus is frequently challenging, especially when pain and fatigue are often common factors,” Amber explained. “I try to run about twenty miles per week and have several running partners who help keep me accountable. “

Another reason Amber runs is because she gets to exercise for a cause. As part of the Arthritis National Research Foundation’s Racing For A Cure team, Amber uses her athleticism to raise money for arthritis and lupus research. She expressed that she has a deep appreciation for everything that she is able to do despite her autoimmune diseases and that every run she embarks on is a gift.

“I have felt the pain, the fatigue, the depression, and the feeling that RA rules my life. I am determined to do my best to stay in control – not let RA be in control. I think the fact that I push myself to remain active has helped me maintain a high level of functioning even after 10 years with severe RA.”

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Visit Amber’s fundraising page to help her achieve her goals!

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