Annie Kosman: RA Warrior & Racing For a Cure Team Member

Annie Kosman: RA Warrior & Racing For a Cure Team Member

Being a teenager is hard enough as it is, let alone having rheumatoid arthritis. Annie Kosman, who was diagnosed at age 17 years old, has been battling her R.A. for six years, watching as it stripped her of some of her favorite activities. But recently she has chosen to fight back. She has just joined Racing For a Cure and is eager to raise money to find a cure for the disease that is closest to her.

“When I was diagnosed, I saw my RA as the worst possible thing that could have happened to me,” Annie, a competitive runner and soccer player, admitted. “But I now see my arthritis as a humbling challenge.”

Because of her athletic background, she was determined not to let her arthritis stand in the way of how she competed and the activities that make up a big part of who she is. And because of her positivity toward her disease, she doesn’t let the little things get her down. Instead, she recognizes her achievements instead of her downfalls.


“My days are full of little victories,” she went on, “like buttoning my shirt, or going on a run for a little longer than I did the previous day. Overall it has made me a stronger person. It has made me more grateful for the things I am capable of doing and the support I receive.”

But like everyone, she can’t be a ray of sunshine 24/7. She admitted that sometimes she will “wallow in self-pity”, but only for a short time. Then, she moves on, sets a new goal, and reminds herself how truly lucky she is. After all, her family is completely supportive of her disease and likewise, her motivation to do something positive to try and fight it. Her father has taken the time to learn as much as he can about rheumatoid arthritis and her mother and aunt happily support her at her races.

As far as her races are concerned, she completed her first 5K last October and just ran in a 5K Color Run this past spring. On her roster is a 10K scheduled for this upcoming October. Every time she finishes a run, Annie says she feels stronger and better than ever. She works out five days per week and puts together a 10 week training plan prior to a competition.

“After I finished my first race I was overwhelmed with pride. I bawled like a baby and knew I had to do more,” she recounted.

Annie discovered the Arthritis National Research Foundation and Racing For a Cure through Instagram, where many fellow ANRF supporters have created a community using the #CureArthritis. Annie said she feels a strong sense of support from them and communicating with them helps her feel like she isn’t fighting her battle alone.

“I think it is important for people to know that having arthritis is not the end. It is possible to remain active and healthy and live a normal life,” Annie said. “I believe that raising awareness is the key to helping fund the research and further the progress being made.”

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