Christine Schwab & Seth Ginsberg Join ANRF Boards

Christine Schwab & Seth Ginsberg Join ANRF Boards

The Arthritis National Research Foundation welcomed two new additions to its governing boards: TV personality and author, Christine Schwab, previously on ANRF’s Advisory Board, will be joining the Board of Directors and Seth Ginsberg, founder and President of, will serve on the Advisory Board.


To lend her support and celebrity to arthritis research, Christine joined the ANRF’s Advisory Board earlier this year. With her signature enthusiasm, she has been involved in all aspects of ANRF since then and she was asked to join the Board of Directors responsible for overall governance. It is her dream to change the public’s opinion of what it means to have arthritis. She is an inspirational speaker, advocate, and three-time published author whose latest book is about her arthritis journey, Take Me Home from the Oscars.

“Christine Schwab inspires everyone she touches with her passion for life and for helping move this research forward to help the greatest number of children and adults suffering,” said ANRF executive director Helene Belisle. “She will help the Arthritis National Research Foundation stay focused on the goal of bringing hope through research.”

Ginsberg, who was diagnosed with arthritis in his college years, co-founded and originated the arthritis Online Patient Community (OPC). Now the website hosts a positive environment for patients and their families and provides services and programs free-of-charge due to private and corporate sponsors.

“Seth Ginsberg is the inspiration and guiding light for his organization,, and its patient community,” Belisle continued. “The information and forum he provides are unmatched and we are grateful he has agreed to lend his expertise to the ANRF Advisory Board.”


Schwab and Ginsberg’s individual skills and combined efforts to battle arthritis make them valuable additions to the Arthritis National Research Foundation’s governance family. Ginsberg’s has amassed a following of over 55,000 people and he authors the longest running arthritis newsletter, CJ News. Christine Schwab recently returned from a trip to Capitol Hill where she joined representative from the American College of Rheumatology to meet with legislators and policy makers to advocate for arthritis patients and the need for research.

Recently the ANRF achieved the highest possible ranking from online charity evaluator, Charity Navigator, with a four star rating. As the ANRF grows, so must the team behind it that is responsible for its success. Inviting these two esteemed arthritis sufferers-turned-advocates will help guide the Arthritis National Research Foundation’s mission to fund research to cure arthritis.

“Research gives hope to those suffering with arthritis that new and better treatments are on the way,” says Schwab. “The Arthritis National Research Foundation puts 91 cents of every dollar into this research and that’s what gives us hope.”

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