Dr. Skaggs – RA & Lupus Research [Part 1]

Dr. Skaggs – RA & Lupus Research [Part 1]

Arthritis Now sat down with Dr. Brian Skaggs from UCLA to talk about the exciting research project he’s working on regarding how cholesterol affects rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. He and his lab are trying to figure out what makes high-density liver protein (HDL), which exists in everyone’s blood, turn bad and why it can be pro-inflammatory and cause cardiovascular complications in patients with RA and lupus.

He also discusses how he entered the field of rheumatology, how his research project works, and how he has a personal connection to the study. Being a PhD, Dr. Skaggs strictly works in his lab to discover new breakthroughs, however has met many sufferers of these diseases that motivate him to find a cure.

To find out more about the work being done in UCLA’s rheumatology department, visit www.rheumatology.ucla.edu

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