Arthritis Research Scientists 2017-2018

Funding the top arthritis research scientists

Arthritis research is the key to finding new and better treatments for this disease affecting over 54 million Americans, including 300,000 children. Thirteen scientists across the U.S. were awarded arthritis research grants, giving hope to all who are suffering.


All grant applications are carefully reviewed by ANRF’s world-renowned Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of physician-scientists. The SAB only chooses the best and brightest emerging arthritis research scientists with the most innovative and cutting edge projects. On average, only the top 15% of applicants receive a grant to ensure each scientist chosen is the best and exceeds our expectations.


Your support of arthritis research is critical to launching the independent research careers of these scientists. Ensuring that they stay in research and spend their lifetime dedicated to finding a cure. 95% of the scientists funded by the Arthritis National Research Foundation have remained in research working towards a cure. These individuals work in top laboratories and ANRF funding enables them to make discoveries more quickly than without the extra support. The time is now to find a cure and help those suffering with arthritis.


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Below are this arthritis research scientists and a brief summary of their work:

April Craft | Arthritis Research
April Craft, PhD
Boston Children’s Hospital

Osteoarthritis Project
Cells for Regenerating Articular Cartilage

Brian Diekman | Arthritis Research
Brian Diekman, PhD
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Arthritis & Aging Project
Cellular senescence as a driver and therapeutic target for osteoarthritis

Read More: The Impact of Aging

Shaun Jackson | Lupus Research
Shaun Jackson, MD, PhD
Seattle Children’s Hospital

Lupus Project
Mechanisms Underlying TACI-dependent activation of immature transitional B cells in BAFF-driven humoral autoimmunity

Fadia Kamal, PhD
Penn State University

Osteoarthritis Project
Therapeutic targeting of GPCR Gbetagamma-GRK2 signaling in osteoarthritis

Jason Knight | Lupus Research
Jason Knight, MD, PhD
University of Michigan

Lupus Project
Thrombo-inflammatory role of neutrophils in lupus

Michela Locci | Rheumatoid Arthritis Research
Michela Locci, PhD
La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology

Rheumatoid Arthritis Project
Activin A regulation of T follicular helper cell biology in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rachel Miller | Osteoarthritis Research
Rachel E. Miller, PhD
Rush University Medical Center

Osteoarthritis Project
Identifying Novel Mechanotransduction Targets for Treating Osteoarthritis

Grace O'Connell | Osteoarthritis Research
Grace O’Connell, PhD
University of California, Berkeley

Osteoarthritis Project
Predicting tissue growth potential using high-throughput screening for cell mechanics

Richard Reynolds | Gout Research
Richard Reynolds, IV, PhD
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Gout Project
Genetic and Epigenetic Covariance of Gout, Hyperuricemia and its Comorbidities

Lam Tsoi | Psoriatic Arthritis Research
Lam (Alex) Tsoi, PhD
University of Michigan

Psoriatic Arthritis Project
Personalized approach to enhance prediction of psoriatic arthritis

Eliza Tsou | Scleroderma Research
Eliza (Pei-Suen) Tsou, PhD
University of Michigan

Scleroderma Project
The role of matricellular protein CYR61 in fibrosis and angiogenesis in scleroderma

Tiphanie Vogel | Rheumatoid Arthritis Research
Tiphanie Vogel, MD, PhD
Baylor College of Medicine

Juvenile Arthritis Project
Validating STAT3 as a Therapeutic Target in Arthritis

Deborah Winter | RA Research
Deborah R. Winter, PhD
Northwestern University

Rheumatoid Arthritis Project
Comparing the Regulatory Networks Underlying Inflammation in Arthritis & Aging

Deborah R. Winter, PhD is the Sontag Foundation Fellow for 2017-2018.

Tao Yang | Osteoarthritis Research
Tao Yang, PhD
Van Andel Research Institute

Osteoarthritis Project
The function of SENP6 desumoylase in preventing articular chondrocyte senescence and osteoarthritis development

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