You’ll Never Believe What She Asked Santa For

Mabel Asked Santa To Cure Arthritis

You’ll Never Believe What She Asked Santa For

Most kids ask Santa for toys, trips, clothes, etcetera, but Mabel wanted something more. This past Christmas, she asked Santa for a cure for her Polyarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. She said, “Dear Santa, I have been very good. What I would like is a cure for my arthritis.”

When learning of this at the foundation it broke our hearts, but these kinds of stories also inspire us to continue the research towards finding a cure, and we aren’t the only ones who were inspired by Mabel’s wish.

Her family knew they needed to do something to make a difference and when Santa was unable to deliver, Mabel’s older siblings Cora and Joshua stepped in to help their little sister by organizing “Mabel’s Mission: A Cure For Children’s Arthritis” (with the help of mom!).

Juvenile Arthritis Hurts

In their efforts to help find a cure they’ve partnered with a local country club in their hometown of Adams, NY. The event will include dinner, a photo booth, silent auction and special cake auction – because Mabel loves cake! All proceeds will be donated to the Arthritis National Research Foundation for juvenile arthritis research.

Before partnering with the foundation, Mabel wrote a touching note to let us know why fundraising for a cure is so important to her:

Dear Cure Arthritis,

My name is Mabel and I’m six years old. I have Polyarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. I was about five when it started. I was in Kindergarten, I know that. I am in first grade, my teacher is Mrs. Thomas. I love my cat Peaches, riding my pony Daisy and singing.

Last Christmas I asked Santa for a cure for my arthritis, he couldn’t give that to me. Instead, I decided to start a fundraiser and I named it Mabel’s Mission. I wanted to have a party with balloons and people could come to my party and bring money. The money they bring will find a cure.  We are going to have a chicken and biscuit lunch, a DJ will be there and a photo booth. I’m excited about the DJ because I really, really like music! The photo booth is fun, you get to dress up and get your picture taken. I get to have a cake auction and decorate!

My fundraiser is going to be lots of fun! I get to decorate with balloons and sparkles and all sorts of pretty stuff. The cake is going to be AWESOME!  If I can raise $2000.00 my Mom and Dad are going to buy me 2 apple trees to plant in my yard and a flower girl dress.

Arthritis is NOT fun and I really want a cure! You need money to pay to find a cure. I want to raise money to get a cure so I don’t have to take medicine and my Mom doesn’t have to always worry. I don’t like wearing splints or getting shots or having blood drawn.

I do not like having JIA, I can’t open stuff and I get tired easy. I don’t want my fingers to hurt or to be on this special diet. Because I have arthritis I can’t go places with germs and I get sick all the time. I want to know why this even happened, I want to be a normal kid.


If you’re in upstate New York, and would like to attend Mabel’s fundraiser to help her get what she asked Santa for, check out their Facebook page, or if you’d like to donate online in honor of Mabel, please put “Mabel’s Mission” in the comment section of your donation!

Mabel’s Mission: A Cure For Children’s Arthritis
April 29th, 2017, 11am-3pm
Adam’s Country Club in Adams, New York
Dinner: Dine in/Carry out $10

The Letter To Santa
Mabel Asked Santa To Cure Juvenile Arthritis
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