Autoimmunity, Gut Bacteria and Diet [Part 1]

Autoimmunity, Gut Bacteria and Diet [Part 1]

Yale School of Medicine’s very own, Dr. Martin Kriegel, sat down with Arthritis Now to discuss his previous funding from ANRF and his current research on autoimmunity, gut bacteria and diet; specifically involving microbes living on and inside of people that interact with the immune system and how they can lead to autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Kriegel also explains that recent changes in the composition of the food we eat over the past several years have caused the existing gut bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract to change the way it interacts with our immune systems, thereby potentially triggering autoimmune diseases. Since the gut bacteria might have similar structures to the cell structures in our body, they would cause our immune systems to see the self structures as a threat and attack it as they would a harmful invader.

A current study reflects the idea that a certain change in diet could lead to a decrease in autoimmune illnesses.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of Dr. Kriegel’s interview in two weeks and see other episodes of Arthritis Now HERE!

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