Go Blue Challenge Recap

Go Blue Challenge Recap

For the month of May, the Arthritis National Research Foundation partnered with The Blue Ribbon Project to create the first annual Go Blue for Arthritis Challenge. Both nonprofit organizations strive to spread arthritis awareness and foster a strong sense of social interaction within the arthritis community. Because of their determination to shed more light on this particular branch of autoimmune diseases, the month-long event turned into a great success.


In order to further promote interest and positive action in the field of arthritis research, both the Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF) and The Blue Ribbon Project (TBRP) awarded the top 5 best photos with special prize packages specific to their organizations. ANRF awarded two of their new Cure Arthritis Action Paks, while TBRP awarded two of their own Product Packs. The arthritis awareness enthusiasts submitted their best “Go Blue” photos! The most creative “Go Blue” pictures were placed at the top of the list. All entrants were featured on ANRF’s pinterest, facebook and/or twitter page.

The first place winner was Savannah Nelson (top left).

Second Place went to 4 year-old Bevin (top right).

Third was awarded to Kacee Andujar (middle left).

Fourth Place was Alicia Williams (middle right).

Fifth Prize was given to Mikayla, who received an autographed hat from, ANRF spokesperson and LPGA professional, Kristy McPherson (bottom left).

And Honorable Mention was awarded to 7 year-old, Brenda (bottom right).

Together, both ANRF and TBRP have hope that with the help of motivated arthritis supporters who believe in research as a means of finding a cure, the suffering felt by those affected with various autoimmune diseases will end in the near future. Becoming an ambassador for arthritis not only shows support for an organization that funds research, but it also helps make that funding possible.

To get your cure arthritis gear and become an ambassador please visit https://curearthritis.org/products

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