Can Stem Cells Prevent Osteoarthritis?

Can Stem Cells Prevent Osteoarthritis?

In this episode of Arthritis Now, we talk with 2014-2015 ANRF grant recipient, Denis Evseenko, MD, Phd about the research his lab is doing on Osteoarthritis and stem cells. Novel research, like the research being conducted at the Evseenko lab, pushes the field of arthritis research forward, provides new answers, new therapies and hope for relief for millions worldwide suffering with arthritis.

Currently, there are no available treatments that address the underlying cause of osteoarthritis. Typically osteoarthritis is only addressed after serious joint and bone damage has occurred. This means it is often too late for therapy and can often result in the need for total joint replacement. Dr. Evseenko and his lab are committed to finding a way to provide relief that does not include total joint replacement.

How can stem cells help?

Dr. Evseensko has discovered a duel approach to slowing down the progression of Osteoarthritis and potentially even re-growing damaged cartilage. By using stem cells in isolated areas of the body and a novel therapy, Osteoarthritis may finally have a treatment in the next few years that can prevent and possibly even reverse damage in your joints.

Listen in to the video above to hear about Dr. Evseenko’s new dual approach to using stem cells and his molecular therapy to give relief to the over 26 million Americans suffering with osteoarthritis. Please consider supporting novel research like that of Dr. Evseenko by making a donation to the Arthritis National Research Foundation today. ANRF is the only charity solely focused on supporting research and finding a cure!

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