Autoimmune Research

Dr. Albani, Director of the Singhealth Center for Translational Immunology in Singapore, sits down with ANRF to discuss his juvenile arthritis research. As a rheumatologist and immunologist, Dr. Albani has focused his work on manipulating immunology functions and has developed a new drug that has been...

Arthritis Now sat down with Ziaur Rahman, MD, PhD, and talked about the research position he currently holds and the exciting research he's doing regarding lupus. Dr. Rahman was an Arthritis National Research Foundation grant recipient from 2010-2011 when he began investigating the tolerance of lupus, which is what he is still currently focusing on.

In Part 2 of our interview with Dr. Bottini of the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, we continued talking about his rheumatoid arthritis research and the current state of federal funding and why private fundraising is important to fueling young scientists with innovative, new ideas.

Arthritis Now spoke with Dr. Nunzio Bottini, Associate Professor of Cellular Biology at the La Jolla Institute of Allergy and Immunology, about his work in arthritis research and what his latest project involves. Dr. Bottini is also an attending physician in the Division of Rheumatology at the University of California San Diego and received a grant from ANRF six years ago. The doctor also graced the cover of the latest issue

Arthritis Now sat down with Dr. P.J. Utz, Professor of Medicine in Rheumatology and Immunology at Stanford University. Dr Utz serves as the Medical Scientist Training Program Director at Stanford as well, where he trains up-and-coming scientists in a laboratory setting and helps them to formulate their research projects in a way that puts them on the path for success.