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Nonprofits and charities of all sorts benefit millions of people around the world each year. While the vast majority are truly altruistic in their endeavors, others are less so. If you are considering making a charitable donation, we hope you will take a few minutes to investigate your options. You should be confident that the dollars you give are going directly to the cause, not to overhead expenses.


Charitable organizations vary greatly with respect to not only causes but also in the efficiency of their operation. ANRF funds research to help find the cures and relief for arthritis sufferers. Over 90% of your charitable donations to this nonprofit go directly into research projects to help both children and adults that suffer from various forms of arthritis. Other charitable organizations may pass through less than 25% of the donations they collect with the balance spent on overhead and other expenses.


There are several charity evaluators that measure the efficiency of a charity’s operations. A leader in these evaluations is In 2013 they named ANRF as the #1 truly exceptional, “Charity to Watch.” Also, in 2014, they awarded ANRF their highest rating of four stars for the 6th consecutive year!


It pays to do a little research before making a charitable donation to a non-profit organization. Some people refer to charitable giving as paying it forward, others call it generosity or philanthropy. Regardless of the name, charitable donations make this world a much better place and reflect the best of our human spirit. It feels good to give, knowing we are helping others in need.


ANRF supports numerous research projects across the country that focus on different types of arthritis. Our donors make charitable donations to the specific type of research they’d like to support: Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Juvenile Arthritis, plus general donations.


In addition to supporting a specific type of arthritis, ANRF provides various ways to give, including honorary gifts made in memory or honor of a loved one, planned giving that is part of estate planning, monthly donations, traditional one-time charitable donations, and you can even donate a car or other motor vehicle. To learn more about the ways you can help, please visit our donation page.


Arthritis affects millions of people every day. It can be a debilitating condition for both the young and old. Hospitalization, pain, and reduced ability to perform basic daily functions can be part of this disease. Typically, it involves inflammation of the joints, leading to pain and, in some cases, deformities. The pain can be constant and is normally localized to the area of inflammation, though in some cases, the pain radiates or extends far beyond the affected area. There are over 100 different forms of arthritis and the ANRF focuses its research on the most common and debilitating types of arthritis.


Your gifts fund research at the leading research institutes across the country. Please click here to learn more about the research we currently support.

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