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The Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF), a nonprofit, charitable organization, funds a grant for children affected by arthritis each year called The Kelly Award for Juvenile Arthritis Research. The award is named for current Arthritis National Research Foundation Board Member, Kelly Rouba, who was diagnosed with a debilitating case of rheumatoid arthritis at only age two.


Through Kelly’s struggle with her own disease, she has become an advocate for this children’s charity (ANRF), specifically juvenile arthritis research and has become a national spokesperson for the Arthritis National Research Foundation. Despite her daily chronic pain, she is a successful writer and advocate for all those with disabilities, not just people limited by arthritis. Her beauty, inside and out, was celebrated when she won Ms. Wheelchair New Jersey in December 2006.


Kelly is honored that her efforts have inspired this research grant. She is grateful for the research scientists who work tirelessly in an effort to better understand juvenile arthritis and find a cure. Together they are passionate about finding a cure for arthritis because, as Kelly knows firsthand, the effects the disease are damaging and long lasting. She has no doubt, however, that a cure will be found as long as nonprofits like the Arthritis National Research Foundation support to brilliant researchers with new, innovative ideas and support kids charity.


“I am committed to helping charities for children and finding a cure for the children in America with juvenile arthritis,” says Kelly, “and research is the key. Juvenile arthritis robs our youth of their childhood – people need to know that arthritis is not only a disease that afflicts you as you age. It is our goal at ANRF to educate America about the devastating effects of arthritis on young people, too, and provide grant recipients the necessary funding they need to find treatments and cures for arthritis in children.”



Juvenile arthritis is one of the most common childhood diseases diagnosed throughout the country. Most people think that arthritis is a disease that only affects older generations; however, approximately 300,000 children have juvenile arthritis.


Through a charitable donation to the Arthritis National Research Foundation you can choose to direct your gift towards a charity for children to help fund juvenile arthritis research. Every year, The Kelly Award is given to a cutting-edge arthritis researcher who is pioneering studies to find new and innovative treatments and cures for various types of juvenile arthritis. Your donations help fund this critical juvenile arthritis research as 91 cents of every dollar donated is committed to research programs. The Kelly Award for Juvenile Arthritis Research ensures that at least $100,000 is dedicated each year for a juvenile arthritis research project.

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Dr. Altan Ercan, of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston (Harvard University’s teaching hospital), was granted The Kelly Award for two consecutive years.


His ground-breaking work in IgG glycosylation has garnered esteem and praise from the scientific community since he began investigating it in 2011. His investigation and subsequent research findings would not be possible without the help of the Arthritis National Research Foundation grants and it’s charity for children. Furthermore, we cannot provide these grants without the generosity of those who choose to donate; people just like you.


“Patients are the strongest motivation for me as a human, as well as a scientist, who works on the disease,” says Dr. Ercan. “This makes me look harder into every piece of data to understand it.”


As one of the most transparent and efficient charities for children, ANRF is committed to the cause as it uses a full 91% of your charitable donation to fund research for arthritis to help children of all ages. Recently ANRF invited an independent panel of three unaffiliated scientists to conduct a review of the organization, which will determine how successfully ANRF is using its resources. The review will quantify the effectiveness of the arthritis research and scientists funded by ANRF.


As of March 2013, ANRF received four out a possible four stars from Charity Navigator, America’s premier charity evaluator, and it was ranked “The #1 Charity to Watch for 2013!” The four-star rating was awarded to ANRF for the fifth consecutive year, proving that ANRF practices good governance and minimizes the chance for unethical activities. Because the foundation has been awarded this distinction five years in a row, it ranks among the top five percent of charities evaluated by Charity Navigator, meaning it outperforms 95% of all other charities in America. This is an independent endorsement of ANRF, a validation for the public to have confidence that their gifts will be used wisely.


We invite you to learn more about our charity for children, The Kelly Award for Juvenile Arthritis Research, or please make a donation and make a difference!

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