Charity Efficiency For ANRF

Charity Efficiency
Charity Efficiency

The Arthritis National Research Foundation is committed to being an efficient charity

Don’t take our word for it. The most respected independent online charity rating organization, Charity Navigator, has awarded the Arthritis National Research Foundation its highest 4-star rating for 12 consecutive years, placing the Arthritis National Research Foundation in the Top 1% of all charities in America.


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Generous individuals donate to organizations and causes with special meaning to them; however, they also want assurance that the charity is a careful steward of their donation. The Arthritis National Research Foundation has grown over the years with care – keeping one eye on its overhead while placing as many dollars as possible in research projects with the most promise for those suffering with arthritis.


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How We Calculate The Numbers

The “overhead expenses” figure is calculated from the income and expense numbers on the Arthritis National Research Foundation’s annual tax return, IRS Form 990, utilizing the method prescribed by the Combined Federal Campaign universal application. Below is a step-by-step calculation using ANRF’s actual figures from ANRF’s most recent Form 990:

    • From the Form 990, Part IX, Line 25, add columns C+D which equals $312,662 These are the management/general and fund raising expenses.
    • Then, divide $312,662 (overhead expenses) by Part VIII, Line 12A the total revenue figure which is $2,566,541
    • The resulting percentage is considered the overhead expense figure: 12.18%
In some years the overhead expense figure is less than 9%; in some years, it may be slightly more, depending on the revenues. The percentage of overhead expenses is based on a five-year average using the calculation above.

Commitment to Excellence

ANRF is committed to funding only the most promising young PhD and MD scientists with the highest likelihood of making the next breakthrough discovery. Not every applicant receives a grant from ANRF. In fact, the highly competitive application process yields 12-15 grant recipients each year out of 60-70 applicants.


In a given year, the Arthritis National Research Foundation’s total income may be more than enough needed to fund the best research grants. When that occurs, the excess is placed in the Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund may be used in years when the income is not sufficient to fund the grants awarded.


The Arthritis National Research Foundation has grown from a small organization giving 1-2 grants only in California for $40,000 or $50,000 to funding 12-15 grants at $100,000 in a single year to scientists at research universities and institutions throughout America.

Why Your Gift is Critical Now

You can now see that a donation to ANRF will be most efficiently used where it is needed most – in the laboratory. We have many more exemplary applicants and projects than we can fund in a given year. Your gift – large or small – may lead to a research breakthrough that will change the lives of millions suffering every day. Research is the only hope for better treatments and a cure.