Chloe’s Story


When Chloe was 12 months old, her parents noticed that one of her toes was swollen, but didn’t think too much about it. Probably like most parents, the thought of arthritis never crossed their minds.By the time Chloe was 14 months old, she had a swollen finger, ankle, and wrist and was waking up screaming and writhing in pain several times a night. When she was just 15 months, Chloe was diagnosed with poly-articular Juvenile Psoriatic Arthritis (JPSA). She still wasn’t walking and didn’t even like to crawl because of the pain in her wrists.


Chloe began the visits to numerous doctors, including a pediatric rheumatologist, ophthalmologist, naturopath, and others. She also required regular blood work to monitor the effects of her arthritis treatments.



Says Chloe’s father, David, “At 16 ½ months, little Chloe started walking — slowly at first and with a limp. Thanks to the work of her doctors, continuing treatments and procedures, and the hand of God, little Chloe is now running with her three older siblings.”


Chloe is almost 2 and she accepts her injections without a whimper. Each week, she proudly shows off her “boo-boo” band-aid and continues to improve.Her parents, who have had to immerse themselves in information about the disease and treatments, are looking forward to full remission for their baby girl. And, of course, they are happy to hear about ANRF’s commitment to funding research for childhood arthritis and related autoimmune diseases.



Chloe’s dad works diligently on ANRF’s behalf by using his website development skills to continuously improve and monitor the organization’s website. “I am delighted that I can help spread the word about ANRF’s efforts to eradicate these debilitating diseases and to inform America that kids get arthritis, too,” David adds.


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