Vol. 2 / Issue 4

[Arthritis, Rheumatology, and Autoimmune Diseases]
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April 2019


MMRF Accreditations

Zaher Nahle, PhD, MPAStrong Partnerships

Our partnerships with some of America’s leading Foundations is a force multiplier. Among the most cherished is the strategic relationship with the Sontag Foundation in Rheumatoid Arthritis - a partnership that has produced incredible talent to date...


A New Approach to Cartilage Repair

The ANRF grant was instrumental in validating Dr Rhima Coleman’s decision to pursue a course of research many considered high risk, but as she has demonstrated with high risk comes the possibility of high reward.

Rigorous Review to Select the Best

ANRF received the most applications in its history. Around one hundred high caliber applications were received. The ANRF Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), a team of worldwide medical and scientific experts, gathered to evaluate the applications and select the most meritorious ones...


ANRF at Sanford Burnham Prebys Insight Event

Free SBP Insight Event: New Approaches to Autoimmune Diseases. Moderated by our own ANRF CEO - Dr Zaher Nahle and SAB chair - Dr Carl Ware alongside patient advocate Angela Durazo. Join us at this platform of clinicians, researchers, patients and caregivers to to share ideas and gain a better understanding of autoimmune diseases...

Fitting In - A New Way to Be Active

Maintaining a healthy weight and appropriate muscle mass plays a significant role as a means of promoting sustained remission for RA patients. Mobility and the associated pain hamper many patients in their efforts to achieve a higher level of fitness. Read on to discover new ways of being active and getting fit as an arthritis patient.

Sharing the Foundation Giving Guide

The ANRF Giving Guide delineates the main categories of support needed to sustain our work in Arthritis, Rheumatology and Autoimmune Diseases and provides a succinct rationale for how donations are used.


From Humble Seeds to Great Success

ANRF Alumnus, Dr Iannis Adamopoulos’ path to success and excellence in research is both heartwarming and inspirational. His story and connection to the organization fuels his passion, collaborating to further the unique mission of the Foundation.

ANRF Dinner Reception (Newport Beach, CA) Honoring the All-volunteer Members of the Scientific Advisory Board and the Board of Directors.

Much gratitude to Mr. Robert Meyer and Mrs. Britt Meyer (Board of Director) for their generous sponsorship of the event and being the host that evening.




Celgene, Genentech, Janssen
MMRF Accreditations

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