Chuanju Liu, Ph.D.

Chuanju Liu, Ph.D.


Growth Factors in Cartilage Cells: A Novel Therapy

Chuanju Liu, Ph.D.

New York University School of Medicine
New York, NY
GEP: A Novel Chondrogenic Growth Factor and Target in Arthritis

The molecular mechanisms controlling cartilage formation, and specifically those relating to the osteoarthritis, are still unclear. It is believed that specific growth factors and surrounding matrix proteins play critical roles in controlling cartilage formation and the progression of osteoarthritis. Dr. Liu’s recent research led to the discovery of granulin/epithelin precursor (GEP), a novel growth factor in cartilage and a therapeutic target in arthritis. The primary focus of Dr. Liu’s ANRF study is to determine the role of GEP in the differentiation and metabolism of cartilage cells. He hopes this study will enhance our understanding of growth factors in cartilage and their application to the treatment of arthritis.

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