Collaborating On Gout Research | Mara McAdams-Demarco, Ph.D.

Collaborating On Gout Research | Mara McAdams-Demarco, Ph.D.

Gout researcher, Dr. Mara McAdams-Demarco of Johns Hopkins, is the first ever grant recipient of the ANRF-AFAR award on aging. The Arthritis National Research Foundation and the American Federation For Aging Research understand that by collaborating on aging research, and more specifically for this project, by collaborating on gout research, we can get closer to a cure. Collaborating on gout research allows both foundations to accelerate the research process by stretching funding for each organization, but increasing funding for the scientists funded.

In the video above Dr. McAdams-DeMarco shares some general information about gout and a few details and statistics about her work. ANRF and AFAR are looking forward to Dr. McAdams-DeMarco continuing her work on gout in an effort to help the estimated 8.3 million Americans and millions more worldwide suffering the effects of gout.

Collaborating on gout research and all research is something we feel strongly about, however, we cannot do it without your support. If you’d like to see more research on gout and/or other forms of arthritis please make a donation today!

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