COVID-19 Resources

In an unprecedented time when the world faces a global pandemic, many people have concerns and questions. There is no shortage of places to look for information and answers, but the importance of seeking out quality, factual information cannot be overstated. As a research-focused organization, we are keenly aware of the importance of scientifically sound information backed by data. This resource page provides a list of reliable sources you can use to have your questions answered and be confident that the information you receive is based in fact—not fiction or political spin. We will continue to add to this list, so check back regularly for more.

For Pandemic Information, Demographics, and Updates

CDC Website

Regularly updated demographic information for the United States, advice for prevention and home care, access to community-based information.


WHO Website –

Global demographics, advice for public, advice for healthcare workers, fact or fiction checker, and medical research updates.


NIH Website

Updates on research and clinical trials, fact sheets, press releases, healthcare resources.

For Reliable Scientific Articles

Harvard Health Publishing Coronavirus Resource Center

Questions and answers, prevention advice, podcasts.


Wiley Online Library

Free access to scientific research articles.


American Society for Microbiology

Virus tracker, articles, “This Week in Virology” podcast.



Magazine containing articles on some of the most innovative scientific research of our time.


Oxford University Press

Collection of scientific research from numerous sources made accessible to all.

For Autoimmune Patients

ANRF Chronicle

Special COVID-19 edition with information designed for our community members. Subscribe to receive our newsletter monthly.


Creaky Joints/GHLF

Patient support system for people with autoimmune conditions and other “at risk” individuals.


American College of Rheumatology Guidance for COVID-19

The ACR has developed new clinical guidance documents for pediatric and adult patients in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Other Resources

List of Health Authorities

Searchable database of contact information for local health authorities in the US.

Orange County Services and Advice – View Pamphlet

Informational pamphlet for Orange County residents including advice for self-protection and contact information for health and emergency services.

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