ANRF Launches Cure Arthritis Pak to Kick-Off Arthritis Awareness Month

ANRF Launches Cure Arthritis Pak to Kick-Off Arthritis Awareness Month

The Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF) is proud to announce the official launch of the Cure Arthritis Action Pak – an arthritis awareness kit full of “Cure Arthritis” branded merchandise that empowers supporters and those suffering with arthritis to spread the message that it is time to cure arthritis! The May 1st kick-off coincides with the beginning of Arthritis Awareness Month.

For a donation of $25, the Cure Arthritis Action Pak will be delivered to supporters and includes: a t-shirt, two buttons, two posters, five bracelets, four square stickers, a bumper sticker, and information on how to share your arthritis story and help find a cure. Each $25 donation funds one hour of arthritis research for Arthritis National Research Foundation scientists working in laboratories to make new discoveries for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, juvenile arthritis, gout and related autoimmune diseases.

“We are very excited about the Action Pak,” said Helene Belisle, Executive Director for the Arthritis National Research Foundation, “together we can create a voice to tell the world it’s time for a cure!”

Cure Arthritis Action Pak purchasers are considered Cure Arthritis Ambassadors, part of a team of individuals nationwide who are ready to tell the world it’s time for a cure. Cure Arthritis Team Ambassadors will use the contents in the Pak to help spread arthritis awareness and the message that research is the key to finding a cure. Ambassadors will have access to current research information as well as the latest news and stories from the arthritis community through the

50 million Americans suffer from arthritis, 300,000 of whom are children. The purchase of a Cure Arthritis Action Pak benefits charitable organizations like the Arthritis National Research Foundation by helping ensure that this critical research continues. A charitable donation helps young kids, teens, adults and the elderly who struggle with debilitating arthritis pain every day. And, 91 cents of each dollar donated is placed into research programs, truly making it an exceptional charity for children and adults who comprise the arthritis population. Check out the Arthritis National Research Foundation, named the “#1 Charity to Watch” in 2013 and awarded the highest 4-star rating for the fifth consecutive year by the online independent charity evaluator, Charity Navigator.

The Arthritis National Research Foundation is excited to give people who choose to support this effort and be part of the Cure Arthritis Team, a voice in the fight to cure arthritis. Together we can make a difference by funding cutting-edge arthritis research and spreading arthritis awareness one ambassador at a time!

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