Dr. Adamopoulos – Rheumatoid Arthritis Research [Part 2]

Dr. Adamopoulos – Rheumatoid Arthritis Research [Part 2]

Joining us for Part 2 of his interview on Arthritis Now, Dr. Iannis Adamopoulos of the University of California, Davis, continued to speak about his rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune disease research.

He answered a question submitted from Monica Vazquez, a sufferer of RA, Ankylosing Spondylitis, and Psoriatic Arthritis on if there was a way to remedy all diseases with one treatment. According to Dr. Adamopoulos’ research tests, one cytokine he is researching, called Interluken 17, has the ability to target skin and joint diseases with one molecule. After further testing, he hopes there will be a way to find a molecule that will work across a spectrum of diseases.

Dr. Adamopoulos also mentioned that many labs are following suit and opening up autoimmune centers where they can treat a myriad of diseases because so many patients experience crossover symptoms of different autoimmune illnesses.

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