Dr. Jawaheer – Pregnancy & RA [Part 1]

Dr. Jawaheer – Pregnancy & RA [Part 1]

Damini Jawaheer, PhD is an assistant scientist at Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute where she is currently helming a research project that looks at the influence of genes on rheumatoid arthritis during pregnancy; specifically, how the disease goes into remission when women become pregnant. The goal of her lab is to study the naturally occurring factors in women’s bodies that produce remission as a model to see if there is a way to replicate that phenomenon to find an arthritis cure.

In Part 1 of her interview, Dr. Jawaheer goes into detail about her research including how she finds patients to participate in her study and how appreciative she is that ANRF funded her research twice, once in 2006 and again in 2012. She also spoke of her collaborator, a top-ranking midwife in Denmark who tragically passed away recently. However, despite her passing, Dr. Jawaheer is driven to carry on the project in her memory and do her best to find a breakthrough in the field of autoimmunity.

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming on May 21st!

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