Dr. Massimo Bottini – Nanomedicine & RA [Part 2]

Dr. Massimo Bottini – Nanomedicine & RA [Part 2]

ANRF sat down with Dr. Massimo Bottini to finish our chat on his exciting research regarding nanomedicine and how it’s being used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. He explains that scientific research is like a huge puzzle, emphasizing how through collaborations with other scientists worldwide, each researcher makes up a small piece of that puzzle to create a fuller, “finished” product, that would hopefully turn into a cure.

Dr. Bottini also further explained that his goal with nanomedicine is to isolate only cells within the body that are affected with RA, which in turn would cut down on the amount of medication patients have to take to achieve a level of “normalcy”. He believes that this nanomedicine approach to targeting rheumatoid arthritis cells could potentially block or reverse the progression of chronic diseases.

For more on his research, visit: https://curearthritis.org/massimo-bottini-phd/

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