Finding The Cause of Osteoarthritis with Dr. Li [Part 2]

Finding The Cause of Osteoarthritis with Dr. Li [Part 2]

In Part Two of her interview with Arthritis Now, Dr. Li, from the University of Hartford, outlines the goals of her research, both long-term and short term and explains the results of her work after successfully inducing a transgenic mouse model with osteoarthritis. Since receiving a grant from the Arthritis National Research Foundation, Dr. Li has been able to continue her enterprising research, and has also moved into a full-time faculty position at the University of Hartford.

Since becoming a professor, another one of Dr. Li’s passions is recruiting undergraduate students, who have an interest in research, to her laboratory to assist on working on her projects. Because of their enthusiasm, she is proud to help in ushering in the next generation of potential scientists and hopes that some of them might carry on with her research ideas to preserve the legacy of her work.

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