Give Back Project Takes Off

Give Back Project Takes Off

Starting as merely an idea back in 2009, Give Back Project was a whim created by Charlotte Mata, a registered nurse, art appreciator and creator. Since its official launch on June 1st however, the whim has transformed into a reality, and a quite successful one at that. The art website,, features handmade works designed and created by a selection of innovators, ranging from artwork and paintings to fashion and beauty accessories. A portion of the proceeds from every sale benefit the Arthritis National Research Foundation.

“What inspired me [to start the site] were the talented and passionate people I have met, the individuals I care for as a nurse, and the idea of supporting those who give back to the communities they diligently serve,” Mata said. She was searching for a way she could give back and offer help outside of her day job, but that also utilized her creativity. The website’s motto has become, where creativity meets compassion.


The Arthritis National Research Foundation is an organization that is close to Mata’s heart because she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis last year. After a challenging first few months with the disease, she was afraid she would never be able to create her artwork again. However, after receiving treatment made possible from research studies, Charlotte’s hope has been restored. Being a physiologist and nurse, she believes that education and research are essential components for optimizing an individual’s overall health. Thus, ANRF was a perfect fit.

Give Back Project’s network of creative innovators is comprised of family, friends and those who have crossed paths with Mata whom she believes in artistically and who support the organization’s mission. Together they have created an extensive boutique of quality products aimed at anyone appreciating one-of-a-kind goods.

Since the launch, Mata has been in awe of the positive feedback she has received from very different kinds of supporters. From friends and family to other philanthropists believing in her work, she is grateful. Because of her belief in social good and her eternally optimistic frame of mind, Give Back Project is already starting to see results and is becoming recognizable.

“Give Back Project’s motto has become – where creativity meets compassion.”

“I want people to understand that we strive to celebrate the uniqueness in our talents, our passions, and each other, while being able to give back to organizations that diligently serve our communities and make a difference in the lives of so many people,” Mata divulged.


As both an arthritis sufferer and a professional working in the medical field, Mata knows firsthand how difficult managing a person’s health can be. Many times she has seen diseases take over patients’ personalities, watching them let it define who they are, instead of it being merely a facet of what they’re going through.

“Take a moment to see how far you’ve come and the challenges you’ve faced along the way,” she said. “Celebrate life with all those who have been part of the journey. Celebrate life one day at a time.”

Charlotte Mata extends a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all those who helped make Give Back Project possible.

If you’d like to share your arthritis story, contact KYLE!

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