A Tribute To Dr. Granger

A Tribute To Dr. Granger

On April 9, 2014 the Arthritis National Research Foundation was thrilled to be able to honor Dr. Granger at the annual Meet The Scientists reception for his efforts on behalf of the foundation and the autoimmune community. As a result of his efforts there will be forever a Gale Granger fellow award from the Arthritis National Research Foundation.

You can read more about this story here: https://curearthritis.org/scientist-life-changing-discovery-honored/

In this video (in order as they appear):

  • Helene Belisle – Executive Director
  • Sally Anne Sheridan – ANRF Board Member
  • Carl Ware, Ph.D. – Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board and ANRF Board Member
  • Kevin Donohue – President, ANRF Board of Directors
  • Christine Schwab – ANRF Board oF Directors
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