Hee Kap Kang, Ph.D.

Hee Kap Kang, Ph.D.


A Lupus Therapy without Toxicity
Hee Kap Kang, Ph.D.

Northwestern University

Chicago, IL
Mechanism of Low-dose Tolerance with Nucleosomal Peptides in Lupus

Dr. Kang has developed a therapy to repair a cell defect which may cause lupus. To test this therapy, Dr. Kang’s lab is studying the effects of the injection of a peptide into a lupus-prone mouse.

Healthy subjects and family members of lupus patients, who might be at risk of developing lupus (as predicted by genetic and biomarkers), might benefit from the peptide therapy because it repairs a defect in regulatory T cell deficiency in lupus.

To recognize his exemplary work, Dr. Kang has been awarded the honor being named the Eng Tan Scholar. Eng Tan, M.D., retired in 2005 from The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA, was a founding member of the ANRF Scientific Advisory Board and is a world-renowned researcher and clinician in rheumatic diseases and immunology.

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