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Investments for Improved Outcomes

Immune Boost Capital (IBC) is an evergreen fund that makes investments in innovative therapies and technologies, leveraging the deep resources and scientific community relationships of the Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF). By reinvesting proceeds from investments back into the Fund, IBC will amplify our impact by supporting the progress of promising companies and building a deep and diverse portfolio of investments that further our mission.

Our Investment approach

Substantial advancements have been achieved in diagnostic tools and effective treatments for arthritis and autoimmune diseases. However, progress has been hampered by insufficient funding for early-stage research, presenting a formidable obstacle to overall development in the field. IBC seeks to attract the additional capital needed from traditional venture capital, biotech and pharma entities to close the early-stage funding-gap and drive innovation in development of cures and treatments for those living with arthritis and related autoimmune disease.

Why Venture Philanthropy?

We believe the best chance at success in bringing cures and treatments to arthritis and related autoimmune disease is to invest in early stage promising therapies, companies, and technologies, and help guide and mentor them through development. Immune Boost Capital’s targeted investment strategy is focused on guiding and advancing portfolio companies to bring them closer to clinical development. While risk is associated with early-stage investments, there is also the opportunity to advance therapies and companies in the arthritis space. As a high-impact philanthropic vehicle, all returns from the Fund’s investments will be recycled back into furthering IBC’s mission.

Immune Boost Capital serves at the vital intersection of ideas and action. By investing in new therapies and technologies, we can move emerging solutions forward to approval, and improve the landscape of treatment for arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

Relationship with the Arthritis National Research Foundation

ANRF is a donor to ImmuneBoost Capital and a critical partner in realizing our mission. However, IBC operates independently, and is run by an experienced team of investors, scientific researchers, and medical and healthcare professionals.

A Message to Contributors

ImmuneBoost Capital is registered as a non-profit with 501(c)(3) status. As a venture philanthropy fund, neither management nor donors to IBC will receive capital distributions. Profits from investments made by IBC will be reinvested back into advancing our mission.

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Meet the Team


Jeff Greenberg, MD

Schalon Newton, dba
Vice Chair
Trefoil Therapeutics

Leonard Dragone, MD, PhD
Abata Therapeutics

KT Moortgat, PhD
Life Science Venture Capital/Biotech venture investor

DB Kartik

Carolyn Stephens
UCI Beall Applied Innovation

Piet van der Graaf

Emily Stormoen
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