Inflammatory Arthritis with Dr. Nigrovic

Inflammatory Arthritis with Dr. Nigrovic

Dr. Peter Nigrovic, Assistant Professor at Harvard University and member of ANRF’s Scientific Advisory Board, spoke about his research project regarding inflammatory arthritis. From his research, Dr. Nigrovic believes that without Neutrophils, or cells that exist within the joints, arthritis cannot develop. Part of his studies are trying to figure out the way by which Neutrophils migrate into joint cavities and how to stop them from doing so, which could theoretically prevent arthritis from developing.

Though Dr. Nigrovic’s lab is currently conducting these inflammatory arthritis observations in mouse models, they are also investigating how this research crosses over into the spectrum of human autoimmunity. After discovering a protein called Ly6g, which sets Neutrophils apart from lymphocytes, Dr. Nigrovic is confident that potential therapies could be targeted for arthritis treatment in the future.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of his interview in 2 weeks!

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