Inflammatory Arthritis with Dr. Nigrovic [Part 2]

Inflammatory Arthritis with Dr. Nigrovic [Part 2]

In Part 2 of his interview with Arthritis Now, Dr. Nigrovic, from Harvard Medical School, talks about how the Arthritis National Research Foundation was a great help in providing him the necessary opportunities to kick-start his inflammatory arthritis research project, recruit a post-doctoral fellow to assist him, and develop that project into a study that’s being worked on my multiple researchers in his lab. He also mentions that his lab, unlike most, works on all aspects on the biology of human arthritis, rather than nailing down one specific issue.

Dr. Nigrovic also discusses his joining of ANRF’s Scientific Advisory Board; the council of scientists that decide which researchers the foundation funds each year. Additionally, he speaks about the important role of philanthropy and how it supports the early phases of ideas formulated by junior investigators with promising research projects.

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