Kate Mitchell: Cure Arthritis Ambassador

Kate Mitchell: Cure Arthritis Ambassador

The Arthritis National Research Foundation’s Cure Arthritis Ambassadors roster continues to grow and we are pleased to welcome Kate Mitchell to the team. Kate, creator the blog, Kate The Almost Great, is a writer and former teacher who has been battling arthritis symptoms since 2001. Kate plans to use the influence from her blog, social media accounts, and self-published book Aureole, to spread the message that research is the key to finding a cure for arthritis.

Though she was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis back in 2010, Kate has since been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. With 56 joints affected by arthritis and eight fibromyalgia points, her disease is progressing. The cartilage under her knee has even come apart from her kneecap, which makes dislocating it all the more frequent, further worsening her condition. Despite her pain, Kate’s condition is motivating her to take action by spreading awareness.

As an arthritis advocate, Kate believes passionately in the Arthritis National Research Foundation’s mission to find a cure for the myriad of diseases under the arthritis spectrum. Likewise, as an ambassador for the foundation, she is excited to take an even bigger hand in promoting what ANRF does and their commitment to helping sufferers.

“Being an ambassador means that I have a responsibility to help others with and affected by arthritis,” Kate shared. “It is my job to share the realities of life with arthritis and to share with others what they can do. I am committed to using my community – blogging, social media, video blogging, and more – to do these things, and it is a job I am thrilled to do.”

After having to leave her teaching job because of her disease, Kate dove headfirst into blogging where she has amassed thousands of followers that are inspired by her fortitude and bravery as she chronicles her journey with her disease. In the future, Kate plans to keep expanding her platform, reaching out to more individuals via her writing, but she also would like to speak in front of local governments, at conferences, and in hospitals to hopefully make a difference in the way rheumatoid arthritis patients are treated by providing solid education.

“I want to share the reality of living with arthritis and to provide a voice for those who don’t have one. By working with a great organization like the ANRF, I’m able to do that and to hopefully make a difference for others like me.”

“ANRF is grateful and excited to have Kate become a Cure Arthritis Ambassador,” said Marketing Director, Derek Belisle. “Because of her writing talent and bravery speaking out about her own arthritis, we believe she’ll be a great addition to the team as we further our reach and advocate that research is the key to finding an arthritis cure.”

If you’re interested in becoming a Cure Arthritis Ambassador click here to read about the requirements.

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