Kristy McPherson

Kristy McPherson

LPGA Tour Professional

Kristy McPherson, LPGA Tour Professional, a member of the Board of Directors for the Arthritis National Research Foundation, based in Long Beach, CA. Kristy is an inspiration to the 300,000 kids in America with juvenile arthritis. Kristy takes control of her Still’s Disease, a rare form of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (jRA), instead of having it control her. At age 11, she was confined to her bed and told that she would never play competitive sports again, much less be a champion. Instead, she beat the odds to compete at the highest level in pro golf.

As Kristy has gotten older her JRA has transitioned to adult rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Despite her RA Kristy has worked hard to achieve remarkable success as an LPGA Tour pro golfer. She has fought hard for her success and wants other kids and adults who suffer with arthritis to have the chance for productive, pain-free lives. She knows that research is the key to finding a cure and that is why she supports the Arthritis National Research Foundation.

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Kristy McPherson Supports Arthritis Research