Lauren Races to Raise Money for Arthritis

Lauren Races to Raise Money for Arthritis

Lauren Lingle has been living with arthritis for a long time. Now only 23, she has had to endure the disease for almost half of her life, being diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at age eleven, and fibromyalgia at age twelve.

Years of physical and occupational therapy, injections, biologics, and MRIs have been commonplace. From having adverse reactions to some of her medications to being affected by arthritic flare-ups, Lauren has had to suffer with many ordeals that most of her peers have not. However, despite it all, she claims that she has learned to appreciate every day as a gift and to enjoy the small things in life.

One of the hardest things to get used to with her arthritis is the daily unpredictability of how she will feel. Everyday varies with the degree of impact and pain and Lauren has found that she has to constantly work on communicating what she can and cannot do – and be okay with whatever the outcome is.


However, Lauren has been taking strides – literally – to fight back. When she attended the National JA Conference this past year in Anaheim, CA, she met another young adult who suffered from juvenile arthritis. It was then, after talking with her new friend, that she discovered the Arthritis National Research Foundation. Since the conference, she has joined ANRF’s Racing For a Cure Team to raise money for arthritis research.

“I want to stop the pain and suffering of those with arthritis and alleviate its impact on their loved ones,” she proclaimed.

This October she will be competing in the Nike Half Marathon, which will be her first big event aside from the various 5K’s that she has done previously. Currently she is on a strict training regiment, running three to four times per week in preparation for the race. In addition, she also is a competitive collegiate water polo player which only adds to her level of intense training.

“Training gives me a sense of self,” Lauren admitted. “The ability to reach the small goals of completing a workout keeps me going and gives me greater self esteem.”

Through her racing, Lauren hopes to raise funds to help in the search for a cure for arthritis. She especially likes that ANRF provides charity for children with their grant designated directly for juvenile arthritis research.  Her biggest motivator for her races is that her efforts will help eradicate and prevent the pain that arthritis causes for sufferers like herself and their families. She is a first-hand witness of the damage it can do and she is doing everything she can to make a difference.

“This disease makes us stronger and does not define us,” she said. “We can still be who we want and can achieve our dreams.”

To support Lauren’s fundraising efforts visit her fundraising page at

If you’d like to share your arthritis story, contact KYLE!

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