Living with Arthritis by Jes Sofia Valle, IMFT

Living with Arthritis by Jes Sofia Valle, IMFT

Written by Jes Sofia Valle, MA IMFT

I wake up everyday thinking of something Positive. It has always helped me through it all. I can say that after two Spine Surgeries, One Hip Surgery, a foot re-location and a knee issue, my body should be shot down by now. But I’m not.

I walk my dog every morning and I do yoga or stretching most days. I’m always looking for the next step when it comes of being a motivated Entrepreneur.

I’ve launched a Social Media Business Bloggers Of Health and Turning Leaves Foundation. I’m also a Psychotherapist! I’ve done things in my life that helps others and I’m happy that I’m able to help save the world one client, one class, and one tweet at a time. All while taking care of me.

Being motivated; the reasons.

The pain, the bone creeks and soreness, ongoing pain doesn’t stop (I wish it did). I won’t lie. There are times where getting out of bed is hard. Sometimes, even sitting for too long hurts, and I acknowledge that. However, I don’t think that it should stop me from being able to do what I love.

Someone once told me that, the body only takes 30 seconds to react to pain, what we choose to do after the reaction of our bodies is our decision. So I choose to react with gratitude, a thankful spirit and I choose to be happy, even when I’m not physically feeling it. And guess what? It works. After I begin my day with this choice, my day usually ends up being better.

I hope you choose to make something out of your Pain. Choose to be alive and be active. Make things Happen. (Insert Pharrell William’s “HAPPY” Song).

Smile (If you want).

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