Magician Conquering Psoriatic Arthritis

Magician Conquering Psoriatic Arthritis

When we last talked with magician and psoriatic arthritis sufferer, Robert Smith, he was working on his Find Your Win project and giving back to charities by performing his signature magic acts. Though he was technically in clinical remission, he still experienced painful flares. Today, catching up with Robert, he says he can mostly control all of his arthritis pain through the use of biologics.

Robert candidly revealed that since our first interview with him, he he hadn’t been exercising as rigorously as before – a fact, he believes, is detrimental when dealing with arthritis.

“You never realize how important your flexibility and cardiovascular health are until you’ve skipped out on exercise,” he said. “Back in 2007 when I started biologics, exercise reduced my pain to such a level that my body functioned better, my joints felt better, and I wasn’t as tired.”

Magician and speaker ,Robert Smith, promotes Find Your Win to move past chronic diseases.One thing Robert has kept up with however is his Find Your Win movement. He has traveled around the country leading speaking engagements infused with magic tricks to inspire those who are affected by life changing diseases and how to find the positives instead of the negatives that come with each condition. In his presentations he discusses how he adapted to his disease, critical decisions he’s had to make, and most importantly, developing a mindset that has improved his life.

“People are bombarded by negativity. I see Find Your Win as a cure not so much for chronic pain, but for chronic negativity,” Robert explained. “If more people can seek out positive happenings in their lives, more positive things will follow.”

The best example of the positivity that Find Your Win is reaping is on the creator himself; Robert is gaining acclaim as a magician and performer and is scheduled to perform at the Los Angeles County Fair later this year. Because of his success he’s also been focusing on his speaking engagements more and more and has begun to write a book as the perfect counterpart to his presentations. He hopes to be completed with it by the end of the year.

Robert believes that motivation is a key for success. He’s confident that if people can motivate themselves, great things will follow because very motivated people can manage many tasks. Even though he motivates countless individuals, Robert stays modest. According to him, if he can make a difference in the life of one person, he’s all the happier for it.

When asked about his own personal wins, Robert divulged that most of them come from spending time with his toddler, Nathan.

“It’s so exciting to see him starting to have full conversations, learning to count, remembering his colors and watching him play. He has such an imagination. In his young three-year-old brain absolutely anything is possible.”

Despite his arthritis, Robert stays focused on his budding success as a speaker and magician and his role as a father and husband. It is through his psoriatic arthritis that he has related to others with chronic illnesses and found his win by making a career out of helping them cope with theirs.

For more information on Robert’s speaking schedule or for bookings, check him out on twitter @JustRobertSmith and at his website:

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