Martin Kriegel, M.D.

Martin Kriegel, M.D.


Gene Therapy for Lupus
Martin Kriegel, M.D.

Yale University School of Medicine
New Haven, CT
T Cell-specific Deletion of GRAIL – the gene related to anergy in lymphocytes

One key mechanism to preserve normal immune response – called T cell anergy – is disturbed in SLE patients and lupus-prone mice. The molecular details of anergy are not fully understood. Dr. Martin Kriegel’s study will examine a particular enzyme in the anergy pathway called gene related to anergy in lymphocytes (GRAIL). He will genetically engineer a mouse so that GRAIL is not expressed, specifically in T cells, to study its role in the development of SLE and other systemic autoimmune diseases. In the long term, enzymes like GRAIL may provide novel therapeutic avenues for rheumatic diseases.

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