ANRF Receives the Most Grant Proposals in its History!

Most Grant Proposals in ANRF History

ANRF Receives the Most Grant Proposals in its History!

This year, ANRF received nearly one hundred grant proposals from across the United States. These grants were submitted by qualified MD, PhD, and MD/PhD professionals at the formative stages of their careers seeking funding to study Arthritis and Autoimmune diseases. This represents the largest number of grant proposals ever received by the Foundation. ANRF CEO, Dr. Zaher Nahle, stated that “ This increase reflects the trust and confidence young scientists have in the Foundation. Importantly, it underscores the unmet need for research funding in our field, especially support geared towards junior investigators.”

Each year, the Foundation conducts a rigorous grant competition in Basic, Preclinical, Clinical, and Epidemiology research to fund the most meritorious proposals. The competition is designed to attract early career stage scientists who are at the vanguard of biomedical innovation in Arthritis, Rheumatology and Autoimmune Diseases. A team of worldwide experts is currently evaluating these submissions through rigorous peer-review process to select the most deserving grant proposals that have the potential to greatly influence research in their respective fields. It is expected that the winning proposals will be announced later this summer.

Click here to see the 2018-19 year awardees.   

Through funding research proposals from talented young investigators, ANRF seeks to achieve at least three objectives:

1) Invest in original ideas that could lead to better treatment modalities in Arthritis and associated Autoimmune Diseases. This is achieved through methodically researching the onset, development, progression or root causes of these complicated diseases.

2) Attract and support the best young minds in the field by empowering them to generate relevant data to advance scientific research and compete for long-term funding, primarily federal grants. Thus creating a supportive environment for the development of independent researchers.

3) Facilitate research collaboration and exchange of ideas and expertise among researchers. Achieved by sharing resources, tools and valuable information.

For more information on this program and our research partners in this effort please see the grant proposals information page here.

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