Nanotechnology Empowers Nanomedicine

Nanotechnology Empowers Nanomedicine

Experts from all over the world working in nanotechnology gathered this summer in a workshop geared towards nanotechnology empowering nanomedicine. The workshop was organized by former Arthritis National Research Foundation grant recipient and nanomedicine scientists, Massimo Bottini, PhD.

The Energy Materials Nanotechnology (EMN) Summer Conference Workshop on Nanomedicine was founded to advance the use of nanotechnology in medicine, including, but not limited to, the delivery of treatments in osteoarthritis and cancer.

Nanotechnology involves the engineering of functional systems at the molecular level. One of the most active research areas of nanotechnology is nanomedicine, which applies nanotechnology to highly specific medical interventions for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The goal is to pinpoint delivery of treatment to the diseased tissues without harming the collateral tissues.

Over 20 of the world’s leading nanotechnology scientists and physicians attended the workshop held in Cancun, Mexico on June 9th and 10th of this year. Dr. Bottini presented at the conference about his nanomedicine project, specifically, the delivery of gene inhibitors into cartilage osteoarthritis (OA) cells. A novel treatment that will use nanodrugs to deliver medication only to the areas requiring treatment. Serving to reduce medication side effects and cost by limiting the amount of medication required.

“I hope that many new collaborative ideas will stem from the workshop,” says Dr. Bottini. He emphasized that nanodrugs may be developed to treat one specific disease, but they can be easily translated to a different disease with minimal changes.

The work of 20 nanotechnology experts was presented at the workshop. “All of the talks delivered at the workshop described very important research breakthroughs,” added Dr. Bottini. “Some of the nanodrugs developed as efficient anti-cancer therapies could be applied in the design of anti-arthritis nanodrugs as well.”

More research and meetings like this workshop will move this field forward more quickly and closer to more targeted treatments for arthritis patients.

To learn more about Dr. Bottini’s work click here to visit his lab page.

Click here you’d like to read more about the EMN conference on nanomedicine.


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    An entirely new material was introduced this month that increases the quality of synthetic small-diameter nanofiber vascular grafts. The new nanofiber material reduces the risk of blood clots and complications in heart surgery patients.

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