Finding The Cause of Osteoarthritis with Dr. Li

Finding The Cause of Osteoarthritis with Dr. Li

Dr. Yingcui Li, Ph.D. is a two-time ANRF Grant Recipient and she is currently a full-time professor at the University of Hartford. Dr. Li, who was funded from 2011 to 2013, is conducting exciting research on osteoarthritis. Her project focused on the simple sugar molecule, Hyaluronan and the presence of Hyaluronan in the synovial joint fluid. In doing her research she discovered that the absence of Hyaluronan can bring about the onset of osteoarthritis.

Dr. Li developed the first mouse model experiment in order to test her hypothesis relating to whether “switching on” Hyaluronan at different times throughout the lifespan of a mouse can induce osteoarthritis.

In this interview Dr. Li demonstrates how the mouse model shows the genetic mechanism and the relationship between Hyaluronan and osteoarthritis.

Join us again in two weeks as we conclude our interview with Dr. Li and learn more about the future of osteoarthritis as it relates to her research!

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