Osteoarthritis, Obesity and Free Radicals with Dr. Griffin

Osteoarthritis, Obesity and Free Radicals with Dr. Griffin

Dr. Timothy Griffin of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation sat down with Arthritis Now to talk about his research in the field of osteoarthritis. As a former grant recipient from 2010-2011, Dr. Griffin has put into practice the research he was funded for by ANRF and has expanded it, now working on finding the causes and potential treatments of OA, specifically how aging and obesity can increase the effects of the disease, and how, conversely, exercise can reduce the risks.

Additionally, Dr. Griffin goes into detail about his research in that of joint loading, or how much load/weight is placed on joints that can precipitate to osteoarthritis, mostly in the articular joint cartilage and the fat pads in the knee joints. He is also looking into the relationship between joint loads and free radicals and how the cells between each communicate.

Dr. Griffin also expressed his appreciation for the ANRF support he received and how it allowed not only him to get his independent career started, but also to hire a lab assistant to start developing their research career.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Dr. Griffin’s interview in just 2 weeks!

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