Overwhelmed by Extraordinary Grant Applications

Overwhelmed by Extraordinary Grant Applications

This January, researchers from prestigious institutions around the nation flooded our grant request portal with some of the most innovative and promising proposals we have ever seen. “Grants received this year are exciting and interdisciplinary. They have the potential to push the field forward. Today, you can turn your passion into impact by directly shaping outstanding research needing your support,” said ANRF CEO Zaher Nahle.

Over the next several weeks, our world renowned Scientific Advisory Board will carefully consider the merits of each proposal and eventually name only those with the greater chance to advance the field. From what we have seen, this year will prove a monumental task for our expert reviewers. The truth is that, due to funding considerations, they will be asked to leave many meritorious proposals behind. For our community, this means delaying new advances that could bring relief to the millions who suffer from the debilitating effects of arthritis and related autoimmune diseases. 

We are asking our supporters to help us fund one more meritorious project. That means raising $100,000 over the next four weeks. Will you help us fund one of these extraordinary scientists in their quest for a cure?


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The Arthritis National Research Foundation's mission is to provide initial research funding to brilliant, investigative scientists with new ideas to cure arthritis and related autoimmune diseases. Writing articles about the patients affected and the science being done to find a cure shows why we need to come together to #CureArthritis!

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