Possible New RA Treatment | Blocking Single Receptor

Possible New RA Treatment | Blocking Single Receptor

New RA Treatment: How Blocking Single Receptor Could Halt Rheumatoid Arthritis

A possible new RA treatment has been awarded a Proof of Concept grant. Congratulations to ANRF grant recipient (2008-09) Shiva Shahrara, PhD, who is now a tenured Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago, for receiving a Proof of Concept grant from her institution for her work on a new RA treatment.


Here is a synopsis of her study relating to the new RA treatment:


Currently, there is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and up to 50% of the RA patients do not respond or tolerate current treatments: therefore, newer treatments are still needed.


In Dr. Shiva Shahrara’s study, a single novel receptor was identified that is greatly accentuated in RA and is absent in normal tissues. Further, Dr. Shahrara shows that activation of this receptor strongly promotes joint swelling and bone destruction. She has also shown that if you block the receptor’s function you are able to relieve arthritic joint inflammation and bone erosion in the chronic experimental model of RA.


Dr. Shahrara and her lab uncovered that activation of this receptor transforms certain cells into what are called “pro-inflammatory cells.” Therefore, she plans to generate a fully human antibody as well as a human:mouse antibody against this receptor and determine if blocking the mechanism will result in reduced inflammation and bone erosion in RA cells and mouse arthritis models.


Successful accomplishment of this project will provide a novel and effective new RA treatment for patients.


The Arthritis National Research Foundation is excited about Dr. Shahrara’s work and wishes her and her lab all the best with the project and its promise to help patients with RA. Read more about this new RA treatment on Dr. Shahrara’s lab page here.


Arthritis Now recently caught up with Dr. Shahrara, watch her interview at CureArthritis.org/Arthritis-Now

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