Racing Boston for Juvenile Arthritis – Dr. Fraser Perkins

Racing Boston for Juvenile Arthritis – Dr. Fraser Perkins

Last April, runner of 50 years, juvenile arthritis supporter and anesthesiologist, Dr. Fraser Perkins, competed in the Boston Marathon on behalf of the Arthritis National Research Foundation’s Racing For A Cure team to raise awareness and funds for juvenile arthritis (JA) research.

Dr. Perkins joined ANRF’s effort after seeing the work of Author and JA advocate, Christine Schwab, who pioneers her own cause for raising juvenile arthritis awareness through her Facebook page, “Christine’s Kids”.

“My dad has been watching the Christine’s JA Kids Facebook page and he loves all the stories and support it offers kids with juvenile arthritis,” Dr. Perkins’ daughter said. “He wants to represent all JA kids when he runs the Boston Marathon. He runs a lot of races but this one is even more important following the terrorist attack at the finish line and he would like to really make it more than a normal marathon.”

As a sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis herself, Christine Schwab knew the value of having a supporter want to reach out and use themselves a vessel to raise money for a great cause. Immediately she jumped on board and helped Dr. Perkins raise funds for juvenile arthritis research.

“I couldn’t wait to talk to Dr. Fraser Perkins,” Christine said. “He was going to help kids with juvenile arthritis and I was overwhelmed with appreciation and gratitude.”

Being a physician, Dr. Perkins knew how badly arthritis can affect patients and felt sympathetic toward sufferers – especially children. Because of their disease affecting them at such a young age, many of the children diagnosed with JA cannot lead a normal life and Dr. Perkins wanted to do his part to help in whatever way was possible.

“I’m lucky to have healthy joints and I really liked the connection between using my healthy joints to help people with joints that aren’t,” Dr. Perkins said. “I’m running for all those who can’t.”

Though the race brought with it a number of challenges, what allowed Dr. Perkins to finish was knowing that his aches and pain would subside, but the juvenile arthritis that the children are affected by would not go away so easily. It gave him the strength and determination to power through his discomfort and put his situation into perspective.

Overall, Dr. Perkins was able to raise over $10,000 for juvenile arthritis research, which will benefit a future scientist who receives the Kelly Award for Juvenile Arthritis research.

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