Arthritis Now: Dr. Ziaur Rahman – Lupus Research [Part 2]

Arthritis Now: Dr. Ziaur Rahman – Lupus Research [Part 2]

Arthritis Now continued its interview with Dr. Rahman who is studying lupus research at Penn State University. Dr. Rahman expressed his appreciation to the Arthritis National Research Foundation for funding a young scientist like himself, which helped him obtain his current position.
Dr. Rahman even answered a viewer question on the best way to get involved and how those who aren’t scientists can still help and promote research and autoimmune awareness.
As a clinician and a researcher, Dr. Rahman is in the position to see patients as well as work in his lab to better understand the prognosis of lupus and how it affects individuals differently. With his continued research on this topic and more studies being done in his laboratory, his hope is to start helping people with his research methods in the not too distant future.
To see more on the work being done at Penn State, visit their Microbiology and Immunology Lab Page.
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