Esteemed Rheumatologist Donates Scientific Art Collection to ANRF

American College or Rheumatoloy Artwork

Esteemed Rheumatologist Donates Scientific Art Collection to ANRF

Dr. Gilbert Ross, a beloved rheumatologist in Burbank, California, retired from clinical practice in 2018. As a gesture of his appreciation for the Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF), Dr. Ross donated to the Foundation his entire collection of scientific lithographs that he amassed over his long career. Dr. Ross collected one painting every year when he attended the prestigious conference of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR), that produces this commemorative art.

As shown, the art work is scientifically themed and most pieces focus on Gout Arthritis. Many lithographs are an artistic expression of the advancement of science and medicine through the years. They also depict, using satire, light-hearted sketches related to rheumatic diseases. All lithographs are from the collection of antique Gout artwork of Dr. Gerry Rodnan (1927 – 1983), a past president of ACR.  

The Foundation is grateful for Dr. Ross, and his wife Janice for this generous gift. We also thank Dr. Ross for his dedicated service to the local community. The art collection now hangs in the Foundation offices and we share the pieces with the communities through this video.

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