Scientist who made Life-Changing Discovery Honored

Scientist who made Life-Changing Discovery Honored

The Arthritis National Research Foundation (ANRF) held its annual Meet the Scientists reception on April 9th, a night celebrating arthritis research and the pioneering individuals behind the microscopes.

This year a special honoree was celebrated: Gale A. Granger, PhD, ANRF board member and early grant recipient of the Arthritis National Research Foundation, had a research grant named for him in perpetuity. Each year beginning in 2014, The Gale Granger Fellowship of the Arthritis National Research Foundation will be awarded to the scientist funded by ANRF whose work most closely follows Dr. Granger’s life work in Immunology and inflammation.


Dr. Granger was honored at Zov’s Bistro, in Tustin, CA, which donated the venue and food for the event. Joining the celebration were board members, Scientific Advisory Board, supporters and some of the young researchers currently working on the groundbreaking science ANRF funds. The Arthritis National Research Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board, world-renowned doctors who perform in-depth reviews of ANRF applicants, were in Southern California to participate in their annual meeting to determine the brightest young minds and most promising research for this year’s grant awards.

Scene at the scene: Gale “Morrie” Granger, PhD, of Laguna Beach, Sally Anne Sheridan, board member and former mayor of Irvine, board member Britt Meyer of Newport Beach, TV personality and board member, Christine Schwab of Newport Coast, board member Debra Sampson of Irvine, board president, Kevin Donohue of Lake Forest, Scientific Advisory Board members Bevra Hahn, MD, of UCLA, Carl Ware, PhD, of Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute, Peggy Crow, MD, of Hospital for Special Surgery, and Hal Hoffman, MD, of University of California, San Diego.

Under Dr. Granger’s guidance, ANRF’s established its Scientific Advisory Board in 1998, which increased the organization’s prestige immensely. Dr. Granger, a Professor of Immunology at UCI for 40 years, has served on the Arthritis National Research Foundation’s Board of Directors since 1990.

“ANRF funded my research at a time when no one else would. My ideas outside of conventional scientific thinking at the time turned out to have long-range benefits for patients with arthritis. ANRF’s focus on young investigators – like I was at the time of my grant award – is essential to moving science forward and closer to a cure,” said Dr. Granger.

The evening included recognition of Dr. Granger’s contributions to ANRF, as well as a discussion by the younger grant recipients of their current research and why their ANRF grant has been crucial in moving their careers forward. (Click here to see the tribute video)

The focus of the organization is to fund original scientific studies conducted by top investigators at research institutions nationwide. “ANRF is the charity that funds research to cure arthritis,” added ANRF board president, Kevin Donohue.

The Arthritis National Research Foundation is proud to honor Dr. Granger for the tremendous impact he has had on the organization and in the world of science. The “Meet the Scientists” reception is an opportunity to reflect on the success of previous grantees while looking forward with hope to what scientific breakthroughs may be just ahead in the field of arthritis research.

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