The following is a description of a study from one of the many researchers that our organization has funded.

Role of TLR 3 in Autoimmunity to RNA Binding Proteins

Eric Greidinger, M.D.
So. Florida VA Foundation, University of Miami
Miami, Florida
Many forms of arthritis are autoimmune diseases because they are associated with immune responses directed against self-proteins. A feature of many of the commonly targeted self-proteins is their ability to bind to RNA. Dr. Greidinger’s project studied why proteins that bind to RNA may be favorable targets for autoimmunity. This work may lead to new avenues of inquiry for the development of treatments to prevent or treat autoimmune diseases, and may lead to new methods to identify individuals at risk for the development of these conditions.

Dr. Greidinger also has the honor of being named the Wolstenholm Memorial Fellow, in memory of Murlyn V. Wolstenholm.

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