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Arthritis National Research Foundation


Helene Belisle has been Executive Director of the Arthritis National Research Foundation since 1996, helping guide the organization to its current focus funding arthritis research grants nationwide. Ms. Belisle joined ANRF after four years in fundraising for a Long Beach, CA non-profit organization. For many years prior to entering the non-profit field, Ms. Belisle was a marketing executive for a real estate investment firm. Born on the East coast but now considering herself a California native, Ms. Belisle met her husband and earned a degree in Journalism from the University of Wyoming. She and her husband of 37 years raised their family in Southern California.


“It is a joy to work with such a dedicated board of directors who have developed the Arthritis National Research Foundation into a recognized and respected organization committed to funding the brightest scientists with the best prospects for helping the victims of these debilitating diseases,” says Belisle. “When I saw how juvenile arthritis robbed my little cousin of her childhood, I knew I wanted to do something so that others would not have to suffer as she did. Research holds the key to a better life for millions in our country who face each day in pain.”


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