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Morgan Stanley


Kathy Ferris was a physically active child and young adult, whose dreams were shattered when, at age 18, she was diagnosed with debilitating arthritis. Her positive outlook and determination to succeed buoyed Ms. Ferris in her fight against daily pain.


Unfortunately, the disease continued its relentless progression, first causing her to use crutches, and finally a wheelchair.


Born in Toronto, Canada, but raised in Arcadia, California, Ms. Ferris has dedicated her personal life to helping others. Professionally, she has been an investment advisor for over 30 years first at Dean Witter Reynolds and, as the firm evolved, currently at Morgan Stanley. Ms. Ferris’s passion for travel has led her all over the world. Her passion for helping those less fortunate has guided her support of many community outreach and health related organizations. She has served on the board and/or contributed to fund raising efforts for hospitals, senior services organizations, the Soroptomists, and others.


“I know that help for me and others like me with debilitating arthritis will come from research,” explains Ms. Ferris, “that’s why I joined the Arthritis National Research Foundation board of directors so many years ago (1999).”


Join Kathy by supporting arthritis research and make a donation today![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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