Sea Anemone Neurotoxin Treats Arthritis

Sea Anemone Neurotoxin Treats Arthritis

Can an arthritis treatment really be derived from sea anemones?

The new Cure Arthritis Video Series first looks into sea anemones and their potassium channel blocking capabilities. With the new Cure Arthritis Video series we look forward to sharing the great work our grant recipients are doing through this new shorter and informative video format.

In this first video, we see the work of past #CureArthritis grant recipients Dr. Christine Beeton of Baylor College of Medicine and Dr. Anne Stevens of Seattle Children’s hospital. They have collaborated with researchers all over the world to turn a potentially deadly neurotoxin from the sea anemone, into a safe, effective, and side effect free treatment for several autoimmune diseases.

They’re currently testing their new molecule called Dalazatide on psoriatic arthritis, and are reporting great results.

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Video and image credits to Kim Ulvberget and Monterey Bay Aquarium

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  • Collette Myers
    Posted at 12:13h, 29 December Reply

    Where are they at in the approval process for this? Is there anywhere else we can read up more and follow on developments? Thanks.

    • admin
      Posted at 12:55h, 29 December Reply

      Kineta is carrying this through clinical trials. You can check with them on their website

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