Song Guo Zheng, M.D.

Song Guo Zheng, M.D.


Alternative to Immunosuppressive Drugs
Song Guo Zheng, M.D.

University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA
Effects of TGF-beta on both CD4+ and CD8+ cells are required for optimal generation and function of regulatory T cells

Certain cells that respond to self tissues or organs exist in normal humans; however, their activities are controlled by a cell population called regulatory T cells. The deficit and dysfunction of regulatory T cells cause autoimmune diseases. This novel knowledge provides a possibility that regulatory T cells can replace immunosuppressive drugs to treat autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Song Guo Zheng will study the effects of different combinations of regulatory T cells, generating results that will provide guidance to choose optimal combination of regulatory T cells in the therapy for SLE patients.
In Dr. Zheng’s opinion, it is likely that regulatory T cell therapy will one day replace the immunosuppressive drugs currently used to treat autoimmune diseases and for patients who have had organ transplants. The regulatory T cells might be more effective and less toxic.

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